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New England Championships

The 2018 New England Championships will be a qualifying championship for Rince Tuatha Nua's American National Championships 2019 and Cumann Rince Dea Mheasa's All Irelands and World Championships 2019

Registration Information

Please read the competition rules on the Rince Tuatha Nua website.

Registration is now closed.

Changes to levels or dances are not permitted the day of the feis. If a dancer has entered in a wrong category/dance, s/he will not be allowed to compete in that dance (no refunds given). Changes must be submitted no later than October ______.

A late fee of $15 will be added to all registrations received between October _______ (at noon). Payments must be received by October __________, at noon, for a dancer to compete.

New England Championship Syllabus

All non-set dances are 32 bars unless otherwise noted.

2018 Events

  • Beginner: Reel (124), Light Jig (116)
  • Intermediate: Reel (113), Light Jig (116), Recall: _________
  • Novice: Reel (113), Hornpipe (113), Recall: ________________
  • Prizewinner: Reel (113), Hornpipe (113), Recall: ________________
  • Preliminary Champion: Reel (113), Non-Trad Set (choice of tempo)
  • Champion: Slip Jig (113), Treble Jig (73), Non-Trad Set Dance (Hornpipe tempo)
  • Champion Lord/Lady of the Trads: ______________, all ages combined

Dancers must have material appropriate for each Event. Dancers dancing material obviously below or above that competition's level will not receive full marks.

Preliminary Champion is for any dancer who has not won first place in a grade dance or feis event that includes their non-trad set dance.

Recalls may be held in competitions with more than 10 dancers entered. 5 or more dancers will be recalled. All recalled dancers will receive an award.

Dancers who stop dancing, except in the event of an injury, will not be allowed to re-dance and will not receive any marks for that dance/round. The feis medical professional must clear an injured dancer to re-dance before the competition is closed or that dancer will not be allowed to re-dance and will not receive marks for that round.

Grade Dances

Dancers are welcome to repeat dances in the Grades that are part of an Event.

  • Beginner: Reel 124, Light Jig 116, Slip Jig 124, Single/Hop Jig 124, Treble Jig 92 (1 step)
  • Intermediate: Reel 113, Light Jig 116, Slip Jig 113, Single/Hop Jig 120, Treble Jig 92, Hornpipe 138
  • Novice: Reel 113, Slip Jig 113, Treble Jig 73, Hornpipe 113
  • Prizewinner: Reel 113, Slip Jig 113, Treble Jig 73, Hornpipe 113
  • Champion: Reel 113 (40 bars), Slip Jig 113, Treble Jig 73, Hornpipe 113
  • Please note that the trad sets will not be offered in grades

Team Dancing

  • Ceili Dances: 4 Hand, 6 Hand, 8 Hand
  • Figures: 2 Hand, 3 Hand--48 bars each

Charity Reel

$5 payable at the event.


By attending the Flying Irish Feis, you agree to release and forever discharge Flying lrish, LLC, its heirs, successors, administrators, instructors and assigns, including sponsoring and affiliated organizations for any and all claims, action, causes of action or liability for any and all losses, whether based on allegations of negligence or not, resultant from the your family's participation (as a dancer or a spectator) in its programs and events connected with the activities of Flying lrish, LLC. Permission is given for The Flying lrish, LLC, and its affiliations to use dancers' images for publicity reasons on the Internet, in print, or on video.We reserve the right to deny admission to anyone.

There are no refunds, transfers or credits for any funds associated with Flying Irish events.


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