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"You are all tremendous!"---Ashby Free Public Library Fundraising Committee



"I wish all groups were as organized and professional as yours"---J. Hartman, Hersheypark Talent Quest



"Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding reception the best we could image. Your dance troupe was awesome!" ---D.W.

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The Flying Irish Dance Troupe never fails to captivate audiences with its riveting combination of talented, high-energy dancers and professional choreography, staging, and commentary, featuring traditional and innovative Irish Dances set to invigorating and inspiring music.

"Why do Irish Dancers keep their arms by their sides?" "What is the significance of the costume designs?" "Is that your real hair?" Our announcements educate audiences about the history and culture of Irish Dance by answering these and other frequently asked questions.

The Flying Irish Dance Troupe performs in a wide variety of venues, including private events and parties, arts festivals, parades, renaissance faires, corporate functions, weddings, resorts, and on stage with world-renowned performing artists.

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Performances & Workshops

Flying Irish Blast (approx 10 Minutes): Exhilarating Irish dancing punctuated by brief educational announcements--leave your audience asking for more! A showcase of some of our most popular routines, the fast-paced Blast is the perfect way to add a taste of the Flying Irish Dance Troupe into your event plans. Recommended: all ages.

Flying Irish Feature Performance (approx 20 Minutes): A comprehensive performance for the whole family to enjoy! Our popular blend of modern and traditional dances is enhanced by educational announcements to deepen audience understanding of, and appreciation for, Irish Dance. Recommended: all ages.

Feature Performance + Ceile Workshop (40 Minutes):
In addition to the Flying Irish Feature Performance, your audience will be taught a sample Irish Dance. This fun feature gets the audience participating in the performance experience and leads to a greater appreciation of the performance itself. Recommended: Performance is for all ages; workshop for ages 8 & up. Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone when participating in dance instruction.

Arts-in-Education Performance (45 Minutes): The Flying Irish Dance Troupe Arts-in-Education performances use Irish Dance, song and storytelling to depict the history of Ireland and explain Irish customs and culture while entertaining students of all ages. Each performance is tailored to the audience and/or grade level. A knowledge of the history of Ireland and an appreciation of Irish culture will help increase understanding of all cultures, as well as current events. An FIDT Arts-in-Education performance makes an unforgettably valuable addition to your curriculum. Recommended: elementary school students, senior citizen groups and all ages in-between.

Ceile Workshop (45 Minutes):
Learn the basics of Irish Dance and put them into traditional group dances called ceiles (pronounced KAY-lees). The emphasis is on having fun, and getting everyone in the group participating in the joy of Irish Ceile dances. More technical instruction may be available to groups with experienced dancers. A Flying Irish instructor will travel to you, or your group can be hosted at the Flying Irish Studio in Ashby, MA. The ceile workshop has been a popular option for birthday parties, family reunions, corporate retreats, tour groups and more. A minimum of four people is required; the maximum number of participants is limited only by the size of the venue. With larger groups, a microphone for the instructor is required. Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone when participating in dance instruction.

Booking Requirements

  • Performance Stage: A wooden performance area, clean and level no smaller than 16' x 18'.
    If a sectional stage is provided, all sections must be securely locked together.

  • Three to five chairs located backstage.
  • Ceile Area: A large, level floor, appropriate for dance participation (wood is best).
    Size of dance area is determined by the size of the group.
    Chairs must be provided for participants taking a break.
  • Sound: A system appropriate for the performance space with input jack for ipod.
    One microphone for announcements and/or dance instruction.
    Knowledgeable technician to run sound and lights.
  • Monitors at stage front or speakers at side stage, pointing toward dancers.
    **Optional: 3-5 microphones at floor level.
  • Bottled Water.
  • Changing and waiting room/area, clean and uncluttered. Must be private.
  • Reserved parking, close to venue (or transportation from parking to venue).

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Contact Info:

Flying Irish Dance Troupe
Mary-Sarah O’Hanlon, Artistic Director
PO Box 351
Ashby, MA 01431
(978) 386-2325

 email: The Flying Irish®

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